Conferences, keynote-addresses and invited lectures

  • Speaker at the Conference of the European Society of Prevention Research: "Drug Treatment for Young People in a Coercive Context: A Paradoxical Choice" (23.-26 Oct. 2018; Lisbon, Portugal).
  • Speaker at the General Assembly Meeting of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research: "Prevention Approaches in Social Service Provision - The Case of Young Drug Users" (16.-17. Oct. 2018; UNODC Vienna, Austria).
  • Speaker at the Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology: "The EPPIC Project - Exchanging Prevention Practices on Polydrug Use among Youth in Criminal Justice Systems" (30. Aug. 2018; Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegowina)
  • Keynote-speaker at the 1st Academic Conference on Urban Security and Urban Development: "The Ladder of Abstraction in Urban Security: towards a Sociology of Criminogenic Places" (21. June 2017, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Speaker at the Final Conference of the COST-Action TU1203 on “Crime Prevention by Urban Design and Planning” in Athens (24.-25. Nov. 2016)
  • Speaker at the ISA-Forum (International Sociological Association) in the Woking Group on "Deviance and Social Control" (10.-14. July 2016, Vienna, Austria)
  • Lecturer at the Joint-Summerschool of two EU-COST Actions: "Urban Gardening" and "Crime Prevention through Urban Planning and Design" (7.-10. July 2015; Warsaw, PL)

  • Coordinator, moderator and speaker at the EU-COST-Action meeting: Panel on "Theories of Urban Criminology". (23.-25. February 2015; Brussels COST Offices).

  • Regular paper presentations at annual conferences of the European Society of Criminology from 2006 – 2015 (Tübingen, Bologna, Edinburgh, Ljubljana, Liege, Vilnius, Porto)

  • Speaker at the Police Headquarter Berlin (Landeskriminalamt Berlin) in the lecture-series on "Crime Prevention by Urban Planning". (22nd January 2014, Berlin, Germany)

  • Speaker at the 13. Conference of the Institute for Technology Assessment (ITA) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (3. June 2013, Vienna)

  • Speaker at the Symposium 2012 of the Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen (GER): "Kein Raum für Straftäter". Presentation of the final results of the EU-project "PLuS - Planning Urban Security" (30.-31. May 2012 Hannover).

  • Invited speaker at the Annual General Meeting of Austrian Shopping Centre Association (3. May 2012, Graz)
  • Invited speaker at the Annual Security Conference at Danube University (27. Oct. 2011, Krems)
  • Invited speaker at the Annual Security Conference at Danube University (28. Oct. 2010, Krems)
  • Invited speaker at the “17. Symposium Sicherheit”, organised by S.OM Sparkassen Real Estate Management (Erste Bank) (13.-15. Oct. 2010, Vienna).
  • Invited speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Academic Council of the United Nations Systems (ACUNS): New Security Challenges (3.-5. June 2010, Vienna).
  • Invited speaker at the ”5th Forum Building Science” at the Department of Building and Environment, Danube University Krems (4. May 2010).
  • Invited guest-speaker at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds
  • Invitation as discussant at the final project workshop: Sicherheit und Integration im Sozialraum. University of Cologne (15.-16. Feb. 2009, Cologne)
  • Invited guest speaker at CEPS-seminar (Centre of Excellence for Policing and Society) at Griffith University Brisbane, Australia. (14. May 2009)
  • Invited guest speaker at the ICA Regional CPTED Forum in Ipswich, Australia. (12.-13. May 2009)
  • 5th CEPOL Conference on Police Science and Research, Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei Münster (12.-14. Sept. 2007; Münster, Germany).
  • Key-note speaker at the Symposium: “Die Sichere Stadt als Interdisziplinäre Aufgabe”; Landespräventionsrat Niedersachsen. (13.-14. Dec. 2006; Lingen / Ems, Germany).
  • EU-Project Conference (AGIS): Crime Opportunity Profiling of Streets (COPS). (30. Sept. 2005, London).
  • Assistant to the co-ordinator of the CEPOL European Police Science and Research Conference 2004. (9.–12. Nov. 2004; Prague, Czech Republic). Chair and presentation of conclusions.



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